You may have seen Joe Lee around Acadiana. His wardrobe has been the topic of discussion for years and recently, he has been dancing on the side of the streets in Franklin.

Well, Lee was approached by the Chief of Police in Franklin not for his wardrobe, but rather for his dancing skills.

Chief Morris Beverly says in the video below that Lee is a distraction to drivers and that he has received a number of calls about Lee being on the side of the road.

There doesn't really appear to be any hostility from either of the two, but the chief does say that he will "draw up an ordinance to address the specific problem" to prevent Lee from dancing on the side of the street. Chief Beverly says in the event of Lee violating his ordinance, he will be subject to arrest.

Chief Morris also warns Lee that if an accident happens due to him distracting a driver(s) he, Lee, would be "civilly liable." Lee then tells the chief that he is not dancing to distract folks, but rather "to simply have fun."

Now, we know how some of you feel about Lee wearing half-cut shirts, short shorts and cowboy boots in public and the chief acknowledges that's not his concern. But is Lee dancing on the side of the road breaking any law(s)? We'll leave that to those who study law for a living.

I don't know what the end result was here, but it appears that Lee can still be out in public just NO DANCING on the side of roadways in Franklin.

How do you feel about what the Chief of Police has to say in the video below, which was shot by none other than, John Lee himself? You can discuss in the comments below.

This photo was submitted to us by Ed Verdun and it does show Mr.Lee dancing while holding onto a street sign.

Submitted By: Ed Verdun
Submitted By: Ed Verdun


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