How many of you are Duck Dynasty fans? I have so many friends who are obsessed with the show. I thought it was really cool that Darius Rucker wants to feature the cast of Duck Dynasty in his Wagon Wheel video. So how and why did Mr. Rucker want to get the Duck Dynasty cast in his video?

Darius thanks his wife for coming up with the great suggestion. He said, "My wife came up with the idea to have the Duck Dynasty guys in the video, and I thought we had no chance because they're so busy, so I never even said it out loud."  So, what happens next??

"Thank God she called my manager because the cast took this video to a whole new level. Big thanks to them. It was a good time for sure, and I can't wait to see how the video turns out." You go Mrs. Darius Rucker! Sounds like she really stepped up to the plate.

Darius also tweeted about it:


Yes, Darius, it is cool and we cannot wait to see the video! They taped the music video earlier this week in Tennessee, but there is still no word when it will be out. However, we will definitely let you know when it is ready for us to view!