When Darrell Waltrip broke into big time stock car racing almost 50 years ago two things were certain. The young man from Owensboro Kentucky could drive and the young man could talk. In fact Waltrip's nickname around the track was Jaws. Now Ol."D.W." as fans of NASCAR on FOX know him is usually never at a loss for words. In this case I think he is having trouble putting the words together.

You would think a 3 time champion would be used to riding around in a race car going really fast. This video proves things otherwise. Watch and listen as Ol D.W. tries his best not to scream like a little girl while riding as passenger in Jason Bright's V8 Supercar. If you're a fan Waltrip you will love it. If you don't like Darrell and his big mouth you will find it even funnier. If you find yourself reminded of a certain character from the movie Talladega Nights I wouldn't blame you one bit.

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