I don't know if this is weird or if it is creepy.

The new dating trend these days apparently involves a U-Haul truck and it has nothing to do with moving furniture.

Apparently, some are renting the moving trucks to have dinner in them, while some are even putting air mattresses in them for the date.

You can use your imagination on the latter, but doesn't this just seem weird?

If you think so, you aren't the only one and apparently, that is why some are renting the trucks to host the date.

The idea of being in a U-Haul truck, while out on a date, is weird and different, thus that is why some are electing to rent the trucks.

A few months back it was really difficult to find one of these moving trucks, were people using them up for dates, rather than moving?

Whatever the case may be, I can't imagine anyone doing this in south Louisiana---Its too hot!

Here are a few videos of people out on dates, while in the back of the U-Haul.


@backpackwithme $19 u-haul rental, ✨priceless✨ core memory #datenight #dateideas #driveinmovie #dunkirkny ♬ original sound - Ly.ric_

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