There is a new trend on Instagram right now where people are putting up “Fall Trees”, which is basically a Christmas tree but with fall decorations.  Here in Louisiana, many people keep there trees up for Mardi Gras and just replace the Christmas decorations with purple, green, and gold. With that said, does that mean if your tree is up for 4 months, you might as well keep it up all year? Make a St. Patrick’s Day tree, then an Easter tree, and you get the picture.

Does that ruin the magic of the Christmas tree? Or does it add cheer all year?

Many have a tradition to put up the tree on Thanksgiving Day or the weekend after. That’s what I do. But, if you take a look at the new trend on Instagram, those days are long gone. Everyone is pulling out the ol’ tree now and putting pumpkins on it. Just check out the hashtag #FallChristmasTree for a look at all the gorgeous trees.

Maybe it’s because people have been stuck at home during the pandemic and are looking for anything to add some extra cheer and fun. Google searches for fall Christmas trees are up 108% since last September.

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