The end of daylight saving time (DST) is this weekend and it may be the last time you have to set your clocks back an hour. There are some people who want to make DST permanent. It sounds great right? Not necessarily.

(DST) will officially end this Sunday morning as you set your clocks back one hour before going to bed. This will allow us to enter back into standard time for winter. You can expect the sun to set a whole hour early after the change. And as we move closer to the winter solstice, daylight will shorten.

There's a bill awaiting review by the U.S. House of Representatives that would make next year's "spring forward" the last time we do. The bill is called the Sunshine Protection Act. If the U.S. House of Representatives approves the bill, it'll make its way to the President.

It's getting opposition from many Americans who want DST to be the forever standard instead, #locktheclock.

#LocktheClock Movements Wants Daylight Saving Time Permanently

Mornings Would Be Extremely Dark

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Short Videos on How Clock Change Affects Our Lives

Studies have found that your mood, productivity and overall health would be impacted in a negative way if America stayed in DST full-time. Even fatal car accidents increase by over 20% when sunrises and sunsets are later.

To find out more about why permanent standard time would be better for you and your family go to Save Standard Time.

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