As you know the purpose of prison is to take people who have broken the laws of society and put them in comfortable surroundings where they will be fed and taken care of for their entire time of incarceration. I would like to say that was sarcasm but according to the Constitution it's not. A Federal judge has just handed down a ruling that says Angola's death row cells are too hot during the Summer months.

The fact that the temperatures in the cells are allowed to reach higher than 88 degrees has been deemed cruel and unusual punishment. That means prison officials, using money from you and I, will now have to figure out a way to cool the cells so that the law breakers won't get too hot.

I wonder if the Federal Judge would rule that working men and women who cant' afford to pay the electricity bill should be entitled to the same treatment. Maybe the Feds can step in and take care of honest people first. I am assuming if you are on death row you are not an honest person and probably have a mean streak in you.

Here is another case of a Federal Judge ruling on what the Constitution meant with out considering a little thing known as reality. The reality is this, these guys did a crime and heinous crime, a crime so bad that a jury of their peers saw fit to end their time on the planet and we are supposed to keep them comfortable?

Perhaps I am ignorant of the world I see around me. Perhaps I am not being a good role model to my faith but this just doesn't make sense to me. I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions. I am willing to open my mind to a compelling and well thought out explanation of why we need to do this.

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