When I think of all the delicious things there are to eat in this world bacon most certainly is close to the top of the list. When I want something simple and sweet, a taste of my childhood can be found in a package of Oreos cookies. I have never in my 50 plus years of life thought about combing these two great flavors together until now.

My speculation is that this recipe found it's way to the top of the internet search engines because of yesterday's date, 4/20. There is something about that day that will make mere mortals combine wildly different foods and then gorge on them.

Even though I don't participate in 4/20 observances, I still like to eat. So when I saw this recipe that combined Oreos and bacon it was like a bad accident on the highway. I had to look. I had to know. Did anyone die? What if it was me in there, would I die?  I am willing to bet that just talking about this video will cost you points on your Weight Watchers program. It's not for the faint of heart, but it is something that we will be trying at home in the very near future.

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