This past weekend we "fell back" one hour into standard time. For most of us, that means we won't need the sunglasses in the car when we are driving home. That's because most of us will hit the driveway at our homes long past the time the streetlights have come on.

It also means another danger on the roadway. Increased instances of deer/car crashes. Deer are usually on the move at sunset and often times that movement carries them across back country roads, state highways, and even the interstate highways  that crisscross Louisiana.

Our state ranks 41st in the states with the highest deer collisions. State Farm has broken down this way. Your odds of hitting a deer on a Louisiana roadway are 1 in 332. The national average is 1 in 162.

Authorities suggest that if you can, you should drive with your high beam headlights on in your vehicle. This could give you an earlier indication of deer along the side of the roadway or deer approaching the roadway. Experts also remind that if you see one deer, chances are there will be more. Deer, like young females in a nightclub, tend to travel in packs.


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