OK, let's be honest. You know you are going to have some leftover Easter candy, so you are probably going to get the good stuff, right? And even if you think you are too old for an Easter basket, I bet you might still want to have a couple of Easter treats to enjoy. But what do with the tons of chocolaty goodness after the holiday is over?

We've got some ideas, along with HGTV to re-purpose those treats! And hey, maybe you can have a post Easter party to serve up some of the goodies below. Click the link on each to get the recipes. Happy Easter, y'all!

I've also melted down chocolate bunnies, and drizzled a thin stream onto wax paper to use as a garnish, once it hardens. And some pastel M & M's have made their way into cookies at my house from time to time! Real Simple also has some amazing and creatives ways to use these holiday sweets in desserts as well.

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