It was a valiant try but LSU will not be closing because of a football game. Thousands of students had signed petitions in person and online requesting that the university cancel classes on Monday and Tuesday because of the Tigers participation in the College Football Playoff Championship game in New Orleans.

Officials at LSU at least pretended to consider the idea before arriving at the only conclusion they could. You can't cancel classes for two days at a major university because of a football game. Heck, some schools, I'm looking at you U.L., don't cancel classes for floods and hurricanes.

Another underlying reason why it just isn't feasible for LSU to cancel classes on Monday and Tuesday is those days mark the first two days of the new semester. If you've ever been on a college campus during the first few days of a new term you know that's confusing enough.

But perhaps my most favorite reason for LSU not giving in to the mounting wave of student pressure to make academics take a back seat to football is this response from LSU Faculty Senate President Dr. Mandi Lopez.

The mission of our LSU faculty is to teach, and most would be hesitant to deny the opportunity for someone to attend class during a regularly scheduled class period.

Dr. Lopez's comments were chronicled by the Louisiana Radio Network.

And as much as I love college football Dr. Lopez is spot on. We don't send our kids to college and pay a large tuition bill for them to not go to class. In the real world, people will be staying up late to watch the game or traveling to New Orleans to attend in person. Then they will have to be back on their jobs Tuesday morning. In real life, there are no drop grades and every day is pass/fail.

By the way, students at Clemson University will be expected to be in class on Monday and Tuesday too.

LSU is scheduled to face Clemson in the National Championship Playoff Game Monday night at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. Kickoff for the game is set for shortly after 7 pm.

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