It's summer in Louisiana and that means fire ants, and unless you're Paul Rudd reading this you probably despise them as much as I do. Their stings are painful and they can be harmful to pets and livestock. From Shreveport to Grand Isle, LA, we all want fire ants dead.

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Fire ants suck!

According to Amdro's website baiting ants is quite effective in ridding your yard of these pesky insects. There are several types of bait available, but the most effective ones contain slow-acting toxins that get carried back to the colony, it's then distributed to other ants in the colony and eventually kills the queen.

Wanna bait those lil buggers?

  1. Identify the areas where fire ants are active.
  2. Sprinkle the bait around the mounds or areas where the ants are active.
  3. Follow the instructions carefully, using too much or too little bait can be ineffective.

Using insecticides is another way to rid your home of fire ants. When it comes to these you'll have several choices including sprays, granules, and baits. Once again be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Click here for more tips.

Wanna keep it natural?

You could try pouring boiling water into fire ant mounds. It can work, but be careful not to burn yourself (or anyone else). According to Texas A&M:

Pouring 2 to 3 gallons of very hot or boiling water on the mound will kill ants about 60% of the time. Otherwise, the ants will probably just move to another location.

Of course, my preferred method would still be prevention. It's always better to never have them in the first place, right? A few ways to help prevent fire ants from taking over your yard include: Keeping it free of debris, keeping your grass and shrubs trimmed, and avoiding overwatering your lawn -- fire ants are attracted to moist soil.

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