The pictures go from clear to hazy for no apparent reason.

Fair warning, these pictures aren't going to be a clear-cut case that makes you say "Oh my God, look at that ghost! You can see it's face!" or anything like that. It's more of an unexplained happening.

Here's the story:

My mom is a travel agent. Recently, there was a travel agent seminar in New Orleans. Along with the seminar, to better be able to sell the products that New Orleans offered, they were able to go on some of the tours around the city.

One thing New Orleans is famous for are the cemetery/ghost tours. Being from down the road, she never went on any of those kinds of tours of New Orleans until then.

She tells me that on this particular tour, which is one of the top tours considered by the Travel Channel. As she saying this I'm getting kind of excited to hear what she saw.

She admits that they weren't able to go into many of the cemeteries because it was nighttime. Most of the looking was through gates as the tour guide would tell stories of those buried.

One particular cemetery they went to were some very old graves where the extremely poor were buried. That's when she started showing me the pictures she took. She says that she took the pictures with ease. There wasn't anything strange going on in front of her, with her phone, and nothing has happened to her phone since.

That being said. Here are four of the pictures she took in succession at this one cemetery. The first two, as you'll see, are normal. The last two, however...

Patsy's Pic
Patsy's Pic
Patsy's Pic
Patsy's Pic

As I mentioned before, while she was taking these pictures, there was no indication of the "purple haze" clouding the screen or camera.

And as you can see, while she took the pictures in a close area of each other, the last two pictures are of two different areas of the cemetery. She took them close together, as she was turning. So, it's not like there was a light shining that caught the lens just right in one place because it's the same almost "flare" in both pictures. The way that she holds her phone while taking pictures doesn't allow her fingers to get in the way, either.

She only noticed it as she was looking back at the pictures she took while walking back to the tour bus.

Pretty spooky!