I often try to learn things about Louisiana that I don't know. This is a pretty interesting place, so when I set out to see what I can find, I always come across things I don't know. This morning, I learned that Hitler has a horse buried in Louisiana. Wait, Ceste' what?!?

In St. Charles Parish near the entrance to LaBranche Plantation in St. Rose, Louisiana you'll find a small stone, and a small brass plaque. This is reportedly where a horse named Nordlicht is buried. Nordlicht, or "Northern Light" was indeed Hitler's horse. This horse was apparently a racing champion.

Nordlicht was quite a stud in his day. The horse won so many races in Germany he became somewhat of a celebrity and even appeared on German stamps.

OK, so why in the heck is Hitler's horse buried here?

According to oddlylouisiana.blogspot.com "The US Army claimed Nordlicht as a spoil of war and brought him to the United States, where he was purchased by New Orleans surgeon and horse breeder C. Walter Mattingly, who brought him to La Branche Plantation in 1948. Nordlicht was obviously a horse of some renown, as he spent the last twenty years of his life siring numerous offspring at La Blanche."

Many locals in the area recall stories their parents used to tell about Hitler's horse, but no official, conclusive evidence exists at this point that proves the horse buried in St. Charles Parish was in fact Hitler's horse.

Have you ever heard of this crazy story?


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