Fort Polk in Vernon Parish is an amazing military installation. It's one of the most sophisticated military training facilities in the nation. Many soldiers who have trained at Fort Polk have been instrumental in our nation's military successes over the past several decades.

Fort Polk is having an issue though. It's an issue that would seem to  have been more of a problem of the 1800's as opposed to the 2010's. That issue is an increasing population of horses. 

Public Affairs Officer Troy Darr explained that the population of horses probably happened in a very natural way. The horses were abandoned and then began to reproduce. It's not that the U.S. Army has any ill will against horses,  it's just that modern warfare technology and training don't often mix with horses.

If a helicopter blade hits a horse, clearly it’s going to be catastrophic for the horse, but it could also be catastrophic for the helicopter crew themselves.

Darr also said in his comments to the Louisiana Radio Network that every effort is being made to insure that these horses are placed in the hands of individuals or groups that will care for them properly.

If the animal welfare groups actually get filled up, then we’re going to be offering them up to just local citizens who are interested in taking some of the horses.

Anyone interested can email Yeah that's a very long email address but it's the Army and they do things the Army way.

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