While we don't have a P.F. Chang's in Acadiana yet, we can at least lay claim to the fact that one of the two founders of the wildly successful Asian-themed restaurant is from right here in Acadiana. I've asked 10 people around the station, and no one seems to know this.

The "P.F." in P.F. Chang's stands for Paul Fleming. Paul Fleming is from New Iberia. While a student at Loyola in New Orleans, Fleming worked on Saturdays as a dishwasher, busboy, server, bartender, and eventually became the Manager.

In 1993, Fleming and his business partner Philip Chiang, the "Chang" in P.F. Chang's, opened up the very first P.F. Chang's Scottsdale, Arizona.

How cool is this? At first, I figured I had just been living under a rock because I had never heard anything about this. But, once I started asking around, no one else knew what the "P.F." stood for either.

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