There was a terrible time in music history when a style of music known as disco dominated the radio airwaves and the social consciousness of this great land. Fortunately that style of music only rears it's polyester clad head every now and then when washed up baby boomers want to remember a life without botox.

Still there has been some good to come from this plague of songs that once appealed to hairy chested, gold wearing, leisure suited masses it is a new life saving technique. Well it isn't so much the technique as it is a good instruction on how to safe a life using hands only CPR.

In this video from Great Britain the hands only CPR is demonstrated in a quite humorous way. Since most people who are in the prime heart attack demographic remember the Bee Gees and the song Stayin' Alive it really makes for a very nice fit.

The concept is a simple one, perform the compressions on the chest to the beat of Stayin'Alive. Since most people can still hear that song in their heads they know what rhythm and pace to perform the CPR. It's all good, except for the music. Okay if it saves a life then even the music is good.

Just a note, since this video was made in Great Britain they reference dial "999" that is the equivalent of our "911". Hopefully you will never need to call upon what you have learned in this video but it's better to know it and not need it than not know it and need it desperately.