Heart Attack

Disco Music May Suck, But It Could Save Your Life [Video]
Still there has been some good to come from this plague of songs that once appealed to hairy chested, gold wearing, leisure suited masses it is a new life saving technique. Well it isn't so much the technique as it is a good instruction on how to safe a life using hands only CPR.
Hero Dog Sniffs Out Heart Attack
There are a lot of reasons to love dogs. I like their unconditional love and the way they greet you after a long day at work. Now there is another reason to love your dog. He or she just might save your life. Want proof?
New Guidelines on Women’s Heart Risk
It's the classic Hollywood scene, the middle age man jumps up from his desk clutching his chest. He falls over as the paramedics rush to revive him. Heart attacks, for some reason we only seem to think of that being a man thing. The truth of the matter is, heart problems are just as big a deal for t…

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