I am not a fan of the biannual jacking around with the clocks that we do. I think we should decide what time it is and leave things alone. Yes, I am biased because it's hard to get to sleep early when the sun is still shining and next door neighbors are mowing the yard or hosting cookouts.

Most people that I visit with are actually in favor of the Daylight Saving Time. I could be okay with it too if we just chose it as our time and stuck with it. This practice of adjusting the clock has some serious medical side effects.

Did you know on this day, the first full day after we've adjusted to daylight saving time there will be a 25% increase in heart attacks?

There is also a study that shows those at risk for stroke are put at a greater risk because of the time change.

There is proof that even a little bit of light creeping into a dark room can affect sleep and thus become a catalyst for depression.

There is even a spike in the number of fatal car crashes on the day after we "spring forward"

How can we just sit idly by and let our government put so many people at such a great risk twice a year? You think you know why we do this "mess with the clock thing"don't you?

You may have been told it was to benefit farmers. Nope, that's not the truth. You might have been told it was to save energy. Nope, that's not the truth. The real reason for the added hour of daylight is money.

We spend more during the daylight hours than we do at night. The extra hour after work promoted more leisure activities. That meant more boats, more golf clubs, more travel, more spending in general.

The tl:dr version of the story.

Daylight Saving Time can make you sick, make you burn more energy and, doesn't help farmers, but creates an economic stimulus which in the eyes of the government is a bigger deal than you or me anyway.


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