Disney Theme Parks just jacked up the price of a one day ticket to $119 a month ago, and now they are hitting up their hotel guests with high nightly parking fees. Anyone who has ever stayed at a hotel in New Orleans is familiar with this tactic. They give you the room rate, and don't figure in the outrageous parking fees. Disney says this is standard operating procedure for most hotels. It's frustrating, and kind of deceitful, if you ask me. Just give us the whole thing at once, or figure it in, people. The new fees will begin on March 21. And yes, they add tax on top of these rates.

The new parking fees at Disney Hotels are as follows:

  • Deluxe Hotels - Grand Floridian, Contemporary - $24 a night
  • Moderate Hotels - Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs - $19 a night
  • Value Hotels - All-Star resorts, Art of Animation - $13 a night
  • Valet Parking - $33 a night



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