Do you ever stop to think exactly how all of that "content" as the kids call it these days gets to your television screen? Most people that I know have some kind of subscriber service that they use to catch all of their favorite shows on television. Many of those subscriber services offer local channels. When that happens all is well. When there is an issue the people that lose are the viewers.

If you are a subscriber to DISH Network you are in jeopardy of losing KLFY from your line up of channels when the agreement between DISH and Nexstar, KLFY's parent company, runs out.

Now, if that does happen and I am pretty sure it will, you will be able to watch the CBS affiliate's programming from the on-air signal via an antenna. That of course is free and you can also pick up KATC TV 3 and other local TV signals.

However, most of us don't want the hassle of flipping between antenna and satellite and back to the antenna again. The easier thing, at least as far as consumers are concerned, would be for Nexstar and DISH to renegotiate their deal before Wednesday. But that probably won't happen.

Nexstar and DISH have been in negotiations since July and no deal has been hammered out. Nexstar says it has offered DISH the same deal it currently has with other large distribution partners but so far that offer has been rejected.

Let's do hope calmer and cooler heads will prevail especially since there is so much football coming up this weekend that a lot of us would want to watch. Okay, maybe not that LSU versus Alabama game but there are other games we'd like to see.

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