Who ever said marriage was a 50/50 proposal must have been a divorce attorney. It is anything but that it's more like 100/100. You give 100 percent and so does your spouse and that's when things really work out well. Still in the best relationships money and housework often raise the red flags of battle. So what is the best way to divide up the chores?

Housework—who does what, when, and how often—is the source of many a recurring marital complaint. Splitting chores 50/50 often seems like the answer, but couples who do often find themselves as resentful and unhappy as couples who set up no plan for dividing the work that makes a house run.

At our house we have a basic rule, if it involves cleaning, scrubbing, mowing, wiping, cutting, cooking or dusting it's my job. If it involves coming in behind me and doing it right, that's my wifes job.

(via Economics: the key to happy couples' division of labor on Shine.)

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