It's safe to assume that nearly everyone you encounter is a fan of Girl Scout cookies. Last week, the Girl Scouts began selling their world famous cookies in person and online. I did some digging into the cookies they offer and the new flavors they offer, and I found something that not many people knew about.

Did you know that every cookie offered by the Girl Scouts are made two different ways? Let's talk about the different ways that these cookies crumble.

Girl Scouts Sell Cookies From Street Trucks In New York City
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Girl Scout cookies are made by two different bakeries in the United States. This is the reason that some cookies are only available in certain areas in the country. There's ABC Bakers in Virginia and Little Brownie Bakers in Kentucky. Each Girl Scout troop gets to pick which bakery they want to make their cookies, and sometimes the same cookie gets a different name.

Here's the map of which bakery covers which part of the country and it gets a little bit crazy.

Los Angeles Times
Los Angeles Times

Louisiana is split around the New Orleans area. If you were to buy cookies in New Orleans or Metaire, those cookies are going to be baked and packaged differently if you had bought them in Lafayette. I'm sure a test is in order this cookie season just to see if there really is a difference in taste, consistency, and flavor depending on the bakery.

There is an abundance of commentary about this on Twitter. There's discussion of taste, and even people picking a side and defending it with all their heart and soul. I know people are die hard for their sports teams, cars and now...cookies. Take a look at this tweet from one cookie fan, defending their region's bakery version of Thin Mints.

According to this user, her cookies tasted differently after moving states and she went down a deep, dark history of the bakeries.

Have you experienced the different Girl Scout cookies by region? Is there a noticeable difference in taste or design? Are you Team ABC Bakery or Team Little Brownie Bakery?


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