I often randomly wonder random things. It's gotten so bad that I always preface things before I tell my wife what's on my mind.

For example, we may be talking about my son's upcoming schedule for the week when I bring up the fact that I've never eaten Grape Nuts cereal.

Yep, I can no longer just spit this randomness out without a precursor to my forthcoming thought.

Look, a squirrel!

I bring up all that, to bring up this story that coincides with a thought I've always had: "Do we all have a twin out there?"

You know, someone that looks just like you and people are constantly thinking looks just like you and will even go so far as to mistakenly call you that person's name in public.

For me, I've gotten that several times from people. The most interesting one was from country singer Wade Hayes. The few times I came across him he would mention how I looked just like a cousin of his. After a while, I was cousin Jude to him.

How about you? Do you have someone around here or someone famous that looks just like you and perhaps people are constantly comparing you to that person?

I've whipped up a couple of side-by-sides of some people I know that I think have a doppelganger.

Fred Flintsone (Cartoon Icon) & Dave Baker (Meteorologist/Male Model)

Fred Flintstone & Dave Baker
Hanna Barbera/KATC

Dave is gonna kill me for this one, but I've also thought that Dave is a spot on Fred Flinstone. Yabba-dabba-doo! I believe he even dressed like Fred for Halloween one year.


Jerry Reed (Country Singer/Actor) & Earl Pitts (Commentator/American)

Jerry Reed & Earl Pitts
Universal Pictures/Earl Pitts

If only Cledus Snow aka "Snowman" aka country singer/guitar slinger Jerry Reed was rockin' a mustache, he and our buddy Earl Pitts could be each other's dopplegangers.


Woody (Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy) & Jude Walker (Unimpressed Disc Jockey)

Woody & Jude Walker
Walt Disney Pictures/Staff Photo

See, I can not only dish it out, I can take the ridiculing too. My wife has always said I look like Woody from Toy Story. I don't see the resemblance but maybe I needed a cowboy hat and spurs.


OK, here are my few examples. We'd love to see yours. Do you look like someone? Send in your pictures and we'll put together the side-by-side comparisons for everyone to see.

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