It's said that everyone has a twin, somewhere in the world. Actually, it's said that there are seven people in the world who look just like you. Imagine just going about your business when all of a sudden, you see someone who looks exactly like you? Now imagine if you were in a completely different country and you ran into your twin. That's what happened to Cordelia Roberts while studying abroad in Germany.

Roberts is from the UK and currently studying abroad at Bremen University in Germany. While out one night, she ran into her spitting image of a doppelganger, Ciara Murphy. The two instantly hit it off and posted this picture to Facebook that went viral.

Facebook: twinstrangersofficial
Facebook: twinstrangersofficial

How amazing is this? I mean, somehow in someway, they have to be related right?

By the way, there's a Facebook page called Twin Strangers that wants to help you find your very own lookalike from anywhere in the world. Get started HERE.



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