Finding money is one of the simple joys of the life. There is nothing like putting on that jacket from last winter, sliding your hands in the pockets, feeling some wadded up paper, and pulling out cash. That's a great way to start the day.

The State Treasurers office and the Louisiana Department of Revenue want you and thousands of other Louisiana residents to enjoy that feeling of found money. That's because the state currently has millions of dollars in unclaimed cash. Some of it could be yours. It might be an old tax refund, a deposit from a utility company, or some other payment that you were owed but weren't able to collect.

If you want to try your luck, so to speak, and see if the state has money for you simply visit this website. It's the unclaimed property division of the state treasury. You will enter your name or business name, your city, and your zip code. The website does the rest.

This past weekend in Lake Charles the Treasury Department held an unclaimed money event at Prien Lake Mall. Over $151,000 was claimed by residents. The largest unclaimed amount was just over $44,000. So, it certainly wouldn't hurt to check out the website to see if you too have money coming your way.

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