Believe it or not, there are rules that apply to text messaging. Some think not answering a text message can be compared to being ignored or hung up on. What should we do when we honestly want to ignore someone's text? What is the "acceptable amount of time" to reply to a text message? Sometimes people can be a bit impatient after they have sent a text and are waiting for a response.  These days our cell phones are glued to our hand, so when a reply does not come quick enough, we start to wonder if we are being ignored. From my personal opinion, I do not think it is ever a good idea to ignore someones text because it can be very rude; however, the content of the message does matter. Previous experience has taught me that if I did not respond in a certain amount of time (five minutes) I would receive "????" or the entire text would be resent.

What really annoys me about phone etiquette, is when I call someone and they do not answer but will send a text five minutes later saying "Hey."  Um, hi, I just called you and you ignored me? That is most likely when I will ignore the text, because I would like a call back. All in all, I do not think there is such thing as an "acceptable amount of time" to reply to a text. As long as a reply is made, the recipient should understand and not mind.