Louisiana is a very old and historic state. So old, in fact, that some of our beautiful towns have actually changed names over the years. Only in Louisiana is reminding us of the origins of these places, and it's a fascinating look back in history, for sure.

  • Madisonville. Originally named 'Cokie', from 'Coquille', because their were so many shells in the area.It was re-named by President James Madison in 1817.
  • Lafayette. Founded in 1821 as 'Vermilionville'  by Jean Mouton. Renamed in 1884 for General Marquis de Lafayette.
  • Thibodaux. Originally called 'Thibodauxville' after planter Henry Schuyler Thibodaux. After 8 years it was renamed 'Thobodeaux' (in 1838). In 1918 it was changed to the spelling it still goes by today.
  • Monroe. Formerly known as 'Fort Miro', it was later changed to honor our President James Monroe
  • Morgan City. At one time it was called 'Tigre Island' after an unknown cat that was spotted nearby. Following the Civil War it was re-named in honor of steamship and railroad entrepreneur Charles Morgan.
  • Lake Charles. In 1861 the town was known as 'Charleston', but it was permanently changed to it's present name in 1867
  • Abbeville. In 1843, the town was named 'La Chapelle', then 'Abbville', then sometime after 1846 it got the spelling it still goes by today.
  • Shreveport. In 1846 the town was founded by the Shreve Town Company, and called 'Shreve Town'. In 1836 in was re-named to honor Captain Henry Miller Shreve.
  • Covington. Named  the 'Town of Wharton' in 1813 after its founder, John Wharton Collins. Renamed Covington in 1836, possibly after General Leonard Covington, who fought in the War of 1812
  • Boyce. Originally named 'Cotile Landing' until 1880, and then changed to honor Judge Henry Boyce after that.

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