Disney movies have become infamous for hidden messages and symbols found in certain scenes that we never caught the first … or twelfth time around.

There have been sightings of characters popping up in scenes from other Disney movies. The biggest case of this being that there is supposedly an image of Mickey Mouse in every movie. There have also been a few innuendos and secret codes here and there. Have you been able to spot any of these strange happenings?

This video I came across highlights just a few of these occurrences.

There is one hidden message the video does not bring up and that is “23-19” from Monsters Inc. Do you remember that scene?

via YouTube
via YouTube

It’s ok if you don’t because I didn’t either. It is likely one of those that goes straight over your head. However, this TikTok user caught it and thinks she has cracked the code.

The alphabet? Is it just alphabet code?! I immediately wanted to call my mom and ask what the meaning of my elementary school education was.

This TikTok video turned into a viral hit for Fyiya and continues to be shared across social media. Whether she is right or wrong, I think this is a fantastic theory!

What do you think it means? Do you know of any hidden Disney messages that we may not have caught just yet?

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