I've dealt with this hanging over me for long enough. It's time to end this controversy.

For years, my wife has emphatically implored to the world that I look just like Woody from the animated franchise Toy Story.

I disagree on account of I think he looks less than manly and I don't want that association.

Then over the last year or two I've had a few people tell me I resemble Luke Bryan. I vehemently disagree on this one mainly on account of I am not nearly as dreamy. I have a whole four years of high school with dateless Saturday nights to prove that theory.

It's time to prove to myself and the world that I'm right. I look like neither.

Give me your opinion so I can finally put this saga to rest. Below is a picture of the Toy Story star and then a mugshot of me and Luke Bryan at one of his shows. Take our poll to place your vote.

Disney Pictures/Staff Photo
Disney Pictures/Staff Photo

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