Here's a thought. Regardless of the fact that the NFL cannot and will not make any kind of compensation to the Saints for the NFC Championship debacle, do they still owe the city of New Orleans, and the State of Louisiana for their colossal screw up?

We're talking hundreds of millions of dollars, folks. Championship bonuses for the players and team, ticket sales, food and drink from local businesses, and especially merchandise sales, all gone. ***Poof***.

One Saints fan who wrote a letter to the editor of says YES. Brian Falke of Jacksonville, Florida wants to know who fines the NFL when they screw up? No one, that's who. He goes on to give a few suggestions on how they can make it right. 'Increased salary cap; extra draft picks; additional team roster space.'  And he's not the only one who's fired up about the massive amount of money lost with that blown call.

These all sound pretty valid to me, but we know NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell would never go for that. I mean, he kind of turned it into a non issue with his remarks at the Super Bowl press conference yesterday ( Jan 30) in Atlanta.

And just FYI,  in 2013, when the actual Super Bowl was held at the Mercedez Benz Superdome in New Orleans, the city raked in $480 million dollars. A little different situation, but it goes to show you that football fans are not afraid to spend money when it comes to supporting their team. A lot of that cash being spent during Super Bowl week in the Big Easy was from Saints fans reppin' their team. I know, because I was one of them.

We know the loss is not just about money, but it still stings that we were this...close....

Who Dat 4Ever, y'all.

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