Vanity Fair recently published a picture that could possibly be Elvis Presley at 13 years old, sitting on his bike on a Tupelo, Mississippi street.

Lifelong Elvis fan, Wade Jones, was sent the picture in 2005 by Janelle McComb—a Presley family friend. She claimed the woman who took the snapshot was on her way to the drugstore to drop off some film to be developed. She had one more exposure on the roll and asked Elvis to pose. Jones didn’t catch the woman’s name.
Several Elvis experts weighed in and attested to its authenticity. British collector Tony Stuchbury said:
The body language matches. He put his head back like that in later years. I’ve seen pictures from vacations in ’69/’70 where he looks just like that. I’m convinced the photo is real.

The photograph eventually sold for $361.68 to a European fan but speculation continues.

To compare, here's another picture of Elvis as a kid.