A soldier coming home. To me there aren't many words that are sweeter to hear or to read. I can only imagine what the experience of being away from family and friends and facing danger day to day must be like. That is why when I see videos of soldiers coming home I always watch.

Some of my favorite welcome home videos involve dogs. I love dogs. Dogs were put on this Earth so we humans could see what unconditional love looks like. Dogs don't know space or time, they only know love. They only love one way, full speed ahead.

The soldier in this video has been deployed for 8 months. To his dog that must have seemed like an eternity. But then again what is time to a dog? Having their people go to the grocery store might seem like the same amount of time. The greeting this four legged friend gives his two legged friend is worthy of note.

What if we greeted those we truly love with the same kind of enthusiasm that this dog gives his human? Wouldn't the world and our lives be richer for that effort.

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