Ever seen a dog driving a riding lawn mower cutting the grass? No? Well, all of that is about to change.

Dog Cuts Grass On Riding Lawnmower
YouTube Via CuttaSquad

Dog Mowing Grass on a Riding Lawn Mower

There's a viral video making the rounds on social media of a dog mowing grass on a riding lawn mower.

We weren't aware this was something that could even be done, but it's happening...and it's fantastic.

In the video posted to YouTube by CuttaSquad, an unsuspecting motorist sees something he can't believe.

He rolls up on a dog cutting grass, driving a riding lawn mower.

The dog stares him right in the eyes as though he's wondering why the man has stopped and is watching him cutting the grass.

Dog Cuts Grass On Riding Lawnmower Video
YouTube Via CuttaSquad

After looking closely at the video, it appears the lawn mower may be controlled by remote control.

If it is, the grass-cutting dog doesn't seem to care, he's got work to do.

There is a video with NSFW commentary that you can watch here.

Below is a clean version without any audio.

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