The biggest joy of the Christmas season is watching others open the gifts that you have given them. At our place we generally sit in a circle and open gifts one at a time allowing the giver and the receiver their moment. Cotton, the world's dumbest dog, likes to sit in his dog bed in the middle of the circle and nap.

This past Christmas was a little different. Cotton seemed agitated by all the commotion going on around him. Upon further review we realized that one of his gifts was very close to him. The gift contained a bag of doggie treats that he could smell and he wanted them.

We spent the next ten minutes watching Cotton attempt to stick his nose in a gift bag far enough to grab his treats. I guess we could have made it easier on him by lending a helping hand but that wouldn't be in the true spirit of Christmas.

While Cotton didn't make this video, here are some other dog owners that are just as goofy as we are.

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