The folks at Applebee's Restaurants have been indirectly responsible for a whole new generation of music lovers discovery of Dolly Parton. This after one of Dolly's biggest hits, Here You Come Again has been featured in Applebee's advertisements over the past few months.

Here You Come Again was a huge country hit and did well on the pop charts too for Dolly back in the year 1977. Just for reference Applebee's wasn't founded until 1980 so the song predates the restaurant by about three years but that doesn't mean Dolly and "Eating Good in the Neighborhood" can't make beautiful music and money together.

Judging by this Tweet from Dolly herself, I think the synergy between the two iconic brands is more than standing the test of time.

While we don't know how many meals the Dolly connection is driving for Applebee's we do know the commercial has created a bit of a frenzy to download Dolly's music. Dolly's 2003 Ultimate Hits Collection has risen to Number 10 on the Billboard Country Album charts powered by the exposure that Here You Come Again is getting thanks to the advertising campaign.

I don't know about you but all of this talk about Dolly Parton and Applebee's makes me want to put on my Coat of Many Colors and go grab my friend Jolene so we can head Two Doors Down after our 9 to 5 for a little eatin' good in the hood, if you know what I mean.

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