First it happened at an Applebee's in Michigan and now it's happened again at an Olive Garden in Florida: KIDS SERVED LIQUOR! You may have heard the first story about the 15-month-old being accidentally served a margarita instead of apple juice. The new occurrence in Lakeland, Florida involved an ordered orange juice getting accidentally replaced with a "Tropical Sangria"! Wowsers!! A 2-year-old was served the concoction this time.

The mother says Niko was acting strangely and misbehaving throughout the dinner. “He was visibly drunk. His eyes were dilated, they were red. He was now getting loud.”

Yep, that'll do it for most 2-year-olds!

Of course your friends on the Bruce & the Kennel Club Show did some snooping around and lo and behold there's vicious people trying to capitalize on these unfortunate events:

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