An artist in Ohio is looking to "Make Pumpkins Great Again" by turning a 374-pound pumpkin into Donald 'Trumpkin.'

Jeanette Paras has made a name for herself by taking celebrities and public figures and "pumpkinizing" them. This year, she decided to turn a massive pumpkin into a replica of Trump's head because he is literally "everywhere."


I pumpkinize whoever is visible in the national media. Characters with distinguishing characteristics make it even more fun.

Paras has "pumpkinized" Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Tom Cruise and many other since she started the projects back in 1988.

For her "Trumpkin" the Dublin, Ohio artist used multiple blonde wigs and painted his signature pouty facial features on the canvas of the 374-pound pumpkin.

Let's enjoy Paras' work, as she does her part to 'Make Pumpkins Great Again!'

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