We all have that friend or family member who needs to show off exactly which cool places they are at 24/7. But should we really be letting everyone know where we are, all the time? This has backfired on me a couple of times when I checked in on Facebook someplace, and then got a call from someone (who I didn't want to see AT ALL) who wants to come join me, or is mad because they weren't invited. #busted

There are some locations that you should just never check in to, according to the folks at Cafe Mom. And I pretty much agree with all of them.

  • Your Gynecologist - TMI
  • Where You Live - do you really want everyone to know your address??
  • Six Ice Cream Places in One Day - one is enough, unless you want to be called a glutton
  • Psych Ward - Just remember your boss, kids, and potential employers are all going to see this. Not to mention parents
  • Any Bar after 11:00 pm on a Work Night - don't even think of coming in to the office with a hangover the next day
  • Alcoholics Anonymous - that's why they call it 'Anonymous'
  • Anywhere after you've called in sick to work - Might as well start packing up your office after you do this
  • A funeral home - I find it hard to believe that anyone would be in the right frame of mind to let everyone know you are here
  • The airport - just go ahead and alert every burglar in town that you're not going to be home for awhile
  • Jail - uh, noooooo

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