Let's be honest, your phone is like your child these days. You can't live without it. At all. I remember a couple of years ago when my phone got soaked in a rain storm, and shut completely down. I panicked, because I didn't even know the phone numbers for my own family members! And really, I still get an anxiety attack when I misplace my phone. It seems so ridiculous, but it's a universal feeling.

Huffpost enlightened me on some serious mistakes I'm making with my iPhone, so I wanted to share. I'm surprised I didn't know these things! Hope they help you as much as they helped me.

  • Never turning your phone off. If you don't turn it off every once in awhile, your battery will definitely die faster
  • Leaving WI-FI and Bluetooth on all the time. You are wasting energy by leaving these enabled, and not using them
  • Using your phone in extreme temperatures. Anything under 32 degrees, or over 95 degrees Fahrenheit could shut your phone off temporarily
  • Leaving your phone plugged in overnight. This is somewhat controversial, but according to Gizmodo it could degrade the battery if it's fully charged and still plugged in
  • Using an off brand charger. You really need to use an official Apple device, even though it might be way, way more expensive. Fires and explosions by using fakes are no joke
  • Not cleaning your phone. Believe it or not, your phone has more germs than your toilet seat does. Ugh
  • Filming in Portrait Mode. No. Just no.
  • Not using a passcode. Your entire identity is at stake if you don't lock your phone. And half of all Apple users don't. Really?
  • Walking around with your phone in your hand on full display. According to statistics, 40% of all robberies involve mobile devices. Don't make it easier for them, y'all

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