You know those Household Hazardous Waste days that are held in different parishes every year? They are basically for materials that you shouldn't be putting in your trash can out at the curb. They should be disposed of in another way. And that goes for materials and household items that can, and should, be recycled.

The Insider and MSN has a list of things that you shouldn't be putting in your garbage cans. Either because they can be re used, or because they are so bad for the environment that they need to be disposed of in another way. We all should be paying a little more attention to helping out Mother Nature, for the good of our future generations, don't you agree? Some important ones are below, but be sure to check out the entire list.


  • Cardboard - recycle when possible. Or go to your local grocery store and see if they will let you have theirs, if you need them
  • Plastic - really bad for the environment. It's not biodegradable, and is the #1 source for marine debris. Try drop off recycling for any plastic you might want to get rid of. Or just try and cut down your personal use as much as possible
  • Wine Corks - these can be used for a variety of different things, like shoes and floors. And believe it or not, there are whole retail stores with goods made only from cork. I personally use them in my art projects!
  • Leftover Food - the single biggest component in American landfills is food that has been thrown out. Composting could counter act this, and reduce the incredible waste in America. Over 50% of produce purchased is thrown away in the USA. 50%!
  • Aluminum - Americans throw away nearly $1 billion dollars worth of aluminum every year. Take yours to a recycling center, you could even make a few bucks!
  • Bras - don't thrown them away, donate them to an organization like The Bra Recyclers, who bring them to women who are escaping domestic abuse, or recovering from breast cancer.
  • Household Cleaners - don't ditch them in your garbage can. Dispose of them safely at a local Household Hazardous Waste location. Call your city government to find out where they are. This includes transmission fluids, pesticides, antifreeze, and engine fluids
  • Batteries - never put these in the trash. Ever. They should be donated to a collection site
  • Electronics - most states actually have laws that ban the disposal of electronics in landfills


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