Hotel rooms may look clean, but with a huge turnover, it's highly unlikely that they get a thorough scrubbing, even in the upscale locations. I personally always bring my Lysol disinfectant with me to a hotel,  just because it kind of gives me the frissons that someone else could have slept in that same bed 12 hours ago. (Yikes!)

Here is a little reminder of the things that have the most germs on them in any hotel room. And as we are heading full blown in to spring break season, a hotel stay may be in your near future. I hope you're not eating when you read this, because some of these items are more contaminated than a toilet seat. Really.


  • TV Remote Control
  • Phone
  • Bathroom Counter
  • Comforter
  • The Ice Bucket
  • Floor / Carpet
  • Pillow Cases
  • Drinking Glasses in the Bathroom
  • The Coffee Machine
  • The Light Switches
  • Any Knobs on the Dressers


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