Weekends are always about cleaning at our house. Let me correct that statement, weekends are all about my wife talking about me and the kids helping her clean. I am one of those husbands that does  more than his fair share of house work. I read somewhere that women really get excited by seeing their men help with the house work. I either read the article wrong or I am doing the house work wrong but still I do what I can.

My least favorite chore is doing the dishes. That is w hy I have a daughter. My second least favorite chore is collecting the trash and hauling it outside, that is why I have a son. One of the chores that I enjoy the most vacuuming. I especially enjoy vacuuming the dog. You may have heard that dogs and vacuum cleaners are mortal enemies but that isn't so. Dogs love vacuums when they are used properly. So here is to the weekend, a time of rest, relaxation and dog cleaning.