The signs of the Zodiac. According to the ancients the combination of celestial pictures and where the sun rose determined a lot about a person. If the sun rose through a certain constellation the person might be considered brave and serious. If the sun rose through another sign of the zodiac the person might be thought of as whimsical and carefree. These observations and determinations were made by ancient astronomers over 2-thousand years ago. Things have changed in 2-thousand years.

Bill Nye, The Science Guy, loves putting ancient superstitions through modern scientific practices. He's not mean about it but he does make an interesting point about Astrology. It seems to me the practice of judging a persons personality based upon the constellations makes about as much sense as asking for someone to help you in Walmart. It could happen, it could be a good experience, but most likely you're going to be wildly disappointed in the outcome.

Here Bill explains why all not all Scorpios are created the same. In fact they might be born under an entirely different sign all together.