Brees is back.

After missing the last four regular-season games with multiple broken ribs and a punctured lung Drew Brees is back at starting quarterback for the New Orleans Saints as they head into a huge matchup at home against the Kanas City Chiefs.

We had an idea that Brees could possibly return after he was cleared to practice earlier this week and whatever Sean Payton saw in practice was enough to convince him that Brees would be good to go.

The Saints managed to win three out of four games with Taysom Hill at quarterback, and one would have to assume that he will still be a big part of the Saints offense on Sunday—back to his role of Mr. Do-It-All at running back, wide receiver, tight end, and special teams.

Both teams will be going into the game looking for home-field advantage throughout the playoffs in their respective conferences. Just the other day I wrote a story detailing the historic magnitude behind what will be one of the biggest games in the post-Super Bowl era of the NFL.

Not only is it one of the biggest games of the NFL regular season, but some NFL experts believe we could be seeing a potential preview of the Super Bowl.

And somehow, a Brees just made this game even hotter.


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