The electric car. For a lot of us in the more mature segment of our society the thought of an electric car conjures up pictures of the Jetsons and other space age television programs. The real fact is that more and more electric cars are appearing on our nation's and our state's roadways.

This week has been declared Drive Electric Week. The purpose of this week is to educate and celebrate the current state of electric powered vehicles across the nation. It's also a great reason to invite consumers to look into an alternative fuel method for powering their daily transportation.

Executive Director of Louisiana Clean Fuels program, Ann Shaneyfelt, told the Louisiana Radio Network that electric cars today are so much more than what many of us might think. Many of today's vehicles can travel as much as 200 miles on a single charge.

Except with electric vehicles, you start with a full charge every single morning, whereas we don’t wake up and have a full tank of gas every single morning.

Shaneyfelt also suggested in her comments that maintenance on electric vehicles is not nearly as costly as their fossil fuel burning counterparts. She also said there are other advantages to having an electric vehicle, including free public charging stations. There are  incentives from the government too.

You can get about $1,500 back on the purchase of your vehicle from the state, and there are federal tax credits as well up to $7,500.

It does appear as if the car of our future is certainly becoming a part of our present. Many more companies are exploring incentives for installing charging stations for employees and the current tax credits certainly make the cost of choosing and electric vehicle very competitive.




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