There is a proper way to retire an American flag that may be worn or faded and the Lafayette Consolidated Government has made it easy for you to do just that. Luckily, they will handle all of the work, as all you will need to do is drop off old flags into a box.

You can check out the info posted to Facebook by the Lafayette Consolidated Government below

Find the drop box for older American flags placed just outside of City-Parish Hall. All you need to do is drop your old, torn, and/or worn flags in the box and they will handle the rest.

The address is 705 W University Avenue Lafayette, LA.

Of course, you can retire old American flags at home - but be sure to follow proper protocol in order to honor the flag. Check out a video below of how to retire and American Flag.

I've always known there was a "right-way" to retire an American flag, but just never had to go through the process myself.

Once again, you can skip the ceremony and lighting a fire by simply dropping off your old American Flag to City-Parish Hall.

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