Criminals continually find new ways to amaze. This story is both funny and amazingly stupid.

Earlier this week police in Tacoma, Washington say a driver got himself arrested after he repeatedly butt-dialed 911 while drunk behind the wheel. The 47-year-old first unintentionally dialed the emergency number around 11:30pm on Tuesday evening and that allowed operators to hear a man and woman struggling and sounds of the woman screaming.

Cops traced the call and caught up with driver just as he was running a red light no less! The police tried to pull him over only to watch him slow down, let out his passenger and speed away.

The car, which was stolen, was later found abandoned. The suspect got away, until a second butt-dial led cops to find the suspect again, with a woman in a different vehicle! Both were impaired and arrested on multiple charges.

You just can't make stuff like this up.