I know very little about thievery, but two things I am aware of are: a) you never try to rob a donut shop in the morning and b) don't steal GPS tracking devices.

Apparently a couple of thieves didn't get the memo on the latter.

Two thieves broke into a tech company in Santa Clara, California a few days ago. They stole some beer out the fridge and then took about $18,000 worth of these little fancy devices. Apparently, these geniuses thought the devices were cell phone chargers.

Wrong! They were GPS trackers.

So, when the company realized what was missing, they simply gave police their tracking software. And shockingly, the cops were able to exactly pinpoint the location of the thieves.

An arrest came a few hours later.

Stay in school kids. Don't do drugs. Perhaps give church a try. Signed, Uncle Jude.

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