The college football bowl season is winding down. It's been a bittersweet bowl season for us in Acadiana. The Ragin Cajuns ruled in the New Orleans Bowl. The LSU Tigers, not so much in the "Chicken Sammich" Bowl. Last night another SEC team, The Texas A&M Aggies were taking on their former conference rival from the Mediocre 12 , Oklahoma.

A&M fans had a lot to be cheering about, their quarterback Johnny Manziel won the Heisman Trophy as freshman. Would the Cotton Bowl be a letdown for "Johnny Football"? Nah, the Aggies spanked the Sooners 41-13. Proving again that the Southeastern Conference is THE football conference in America.

How good a conference is the SEC? Even drunk A&M co-eds can predict and breakdown a game on live TV better than a seasoned reporter. Just watch and you will see. Okay they were a bit wordy and sort of scatterbrained but they were drunk.

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